We’re in business to create

Flamingo C&C is a climate & communications consultancy. Whether you’re a clean tech pioneer or just progressing your sustainability journey, we’ll help you to inform, inspire and demonstrate climate leadership through strategy-building, sustainability support and impactful communications projects.

Think of us as a perfect mix of brain power, climate knowhow and clever communications all rolled into one.

Our Expertise

We specialise in the strategy & storytelling elements of sustainable business.

Armed with a professional and academic background in communications and environmental sustainability, we’ve worked on almost everything you could imagine, from developing award-winning ESG strategies for pioneering manufacturers to delivering specialist briefings for politicians.

Our work can even be found in a couple of published books!

Our Mission

Transform every business we work with into a thriving, inspiring climate influencer

Our Values

Prioritise planet

Flamingos only get their dazzling colour in a healthy environment. We put the planet that feeds us ahead of profit, and encourage others to do the same

Team up

Flamingos live in flocks, so do we. We openly collaborate and work in partnership with likeminded folk whenever we can to maximise our collective impact

Speak out

Flamingos aren’t quiet animals. We have a responsibility to advocate for change and encourage people to think differently, rather than just follow the crowd

Our Commitments

We believe in practising what you preach, which is why:

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We are Carbon Literacy trained

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We have a public-transport-first policy for business travel

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All our equipment is ethically sourced, refurbished or TCO-certified

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Our services are discounted for charities and social enterprises


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Laurence Adams

Laurence has been working at the intersection of climate and communications since 2014, with a professional & academic background in environmental policy, sustainability strategy and business support. He has an MSc in Environmental Governance, is an Associate of IEMA and is also Co-founder of Litmus Sustainability.

How to get started

1. Tell us your goals

Even if we can’t help, we’d love to follow your journey

2. Get a diagnosis

We’ll review your progress to-date and suggest some next steps

3. Begin

We’ll create the right solution to maximise your impact and influence

Tell us your goals

Proud of your work on climate change but getting lost in the noise?

Talking the talk and walking the walk of sustainability isn’t easy.

Standing out is even harder.

Excellent, head-turning, award-worthy sustainability work requires 4 things:


Build a foundation of priorities and objectives that inform every single decision you make.


Fully understand your most pressing impacts and what the solutions are.

Brain Power

Collaborate and partner with others to increase your knowledge base.


Inform, educate, persuade & inspire your stakeholders.

“As a result of Laurence’s reach and quality of communications, we have become known nationwide as a leader in climate action”

Thomas Kneale & Co
King’s Award winning textiles supplier

“With Laurence we’ve won a number of prestigious awards and are becoming clear leaders in our field”

Crystal Doors
Multi-award winning furniture manufacturer

“Helped us clearly define our brand story and messaging. Would happily recommend to any business seeking clarity in their communications!”

Innovative Energy Consultants
Sustainability & energy consultancy

“Highly professional and hugely knowledgeable. The mix of content skills and detailed knowledge of our sector is unique Always hits the deadline and full of new ideas”

Green Economy
Net zero business support provider

Hi, I’m Laurence

I set up Flamingo C&C because I’m in business to create climate influencers.

Whether you’re a clean tech pioneer or just progressing your sustainability journey, my mission is to help great organisations gain recognition, grow their network and inspire their stakeholders through strategy-building and impactful communications.

I’ve been working at the intersection of climate and communications since 2014 and worked on almost everything you could imagine, from award-winning sustainability strategies for pioneering manufacturers to specialist briefings for EU politicians. I’m also part of the senior team at Litmus Sustainability, a unique consultancy that helps time-poor businesses find success through sustainability.